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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Could you give me some general information on this subject?

Enigma T301 TR, is a mobile phone with a high-encryption technology which is used in Europe for 10 years and for the first time in Turkey. It has been designed and manufactured by the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the leading telecommunication company of Germany and 12 technology companies that are involved in important projects in their fields. Enigma T301 TR has been presented to the market with the experience and knowledge of Koc System and C5 Electronics. It’s a new and advanced technology mobile phone that will prevent illegal wiretapping and audio surveillance. At the same time, regular phone calls can be made.

2) How can I make an Encrypted call?
Enigma T301TR mobile phone has two dialing keys different than the other products.

One of them is the regular dialing key available in all phones and the other one is the encrypted dialing key. The calls by using the encrypted key, two enigma connect to each other via GSM data channel and with 256-bit encryption method creates a safe environment to communicate.
When you dial the phone number and press the "crypto key" the Enigma T301TR rings in a different ringing tone on the other side and it show as encrypted call on the display. When the receiver accepts the encrypted call some pre-inspectors will circulate the system and the keys of both sides. One of this inspections is verifying the validity of digital signatures issued by the Certificate Authority and the validity of the receiver’s key validation.

In these inspections, Enigma T301TR presents an encrypted pre-session key by using the algorithms of subscriber’s keys. During the key exchange process lasted seven seconds, the process sounds heard on both phones and this indicates that a secure connection has been established.

After activation the two mobile phones will encrypt all the conversations before forwarding and keep the conversations of both sides under security.

3) What is Crypto?

Crypto: is a method of converting written and audible communication into ciphers with special techniques.

4) What is the Crypto security? Comparing to the other crypto what is the advantage?

Crypto security is a software relating to the protection of passwords which is directly connected to the computational power of the computer. The breaking passwords is impossible due to very long calculation time. Exp: a 256 bit key length is approximately 1077 key combination and practically finding the true key takes infinite time. To have information how much needed to deal with to reveal the AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard) session key in practice; let’s give an example to reveal on 128-bit session key. First of all let’s consider how big is a 128 bit number. This represents 2128 or equal to 3.4 x 1038 (e.g. 38 zeros):
we consider there is 7 billion people in the world every of them has 10 computer and each of those computers could test 1 billion key combinations in a second. Also we assume that the password will be able to broken when 50% of the possibilities tried. In this case, to break a single encryption key all the world’s population will need to deal for hundreds of years. Enigma uses 256 bit key size which is potentially larger than above simplified example. Enigma creates a new AES 256 bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) session key for every single call.

5) Can I use my current SIM card in this phone?

Yes you can communicate seamless with your own SIM card.

6) Can I talk to landlines without wiretapping?

Only two Enigma mobile phone can make encrypted conversation. For landlines is not available.

7) Are there other features of this phone?

There are some features without compromising the crypto features. 3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, 2 GB micro SD card up to 8 GB is also supported, 1000 contacts list memory, java application, bluetooth and WAP-enabled web applications are available.

8) Can I use this phone anywhere in the world?

Of course, you can use. Operator's roaming settings needed to be turned on to make encrypted calls.

9) Can I make a conference call?

Conference call feature is available in normal conversations, but for security reasons this feature is unavailable for encrypted calls.

10) How many hours does the battery last?

Enigma encrypted mobile phone’s battery has a 240 min. of talk time and lasts 220 hours on stand-by mode.

11) Which other devices are there in the production box that I purchased?

There are headset, charger with USB connection, 2 GB micro SD card in the box.

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